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An I-Stocktake Solution Has Many Operational Benefits And Delivers Exceptional Results

Cut Inventory Counting Time and Cost by up to 50%

Less Recounting Time

Barcode scanning is faster, less error prone and more reliable cutting down on the time required for recounts and repeat scans. Scanned barcodes can be checked and validated as you perform the count

Improved Count Planning

Plan and schedule your inventory counts and stocktakes in advance. Control start and end dates. Monitor and control inventory counts  remotely. Publish work schedules for your counting teams and managers.

Count Alias Barcodes

I-stocktake allows you to scan and validate your item counts using multiple barcodes. This allows you to take advantage of manufacturer and supplier barcodes as well as your own internally generated labels. This can dramatically reduce the time spent preparing for your stocktake.

Faster Results Processing

Inventory counts can be reviewed, edited and confirmed  quickly during scanning. The on-line management software allows you to quickly view,  analyse , consolidate and edit results.

Batch Barcode Scanning

Our advanced batch counting capability reduces the time taken to verify your inventory count and identify potential errors. Allocate batches to branches ,users, locations, Bin numbers and so on. Include pictures of where you are scanning and add notes to improve traceability.

Count Non-Inventory Items

Record inventory counts for grouped items such as cards, accessories, miscellaneous parts, sandwiches and  wholefoods  that are not  individually barcoded. You can also add a picture and notes to improve identification. Add a retail cost as well if you want to produce a  valuation for the items.

Lower Manpower Costs

Less staff are needed to scan, process and manage stock counts. Preparation time is significantly reduced. Counts can be undertaken while trading reducing out of hours and overtime working costs.

Barcode Scan Verification

Increase the speed and accuracy of you stocktake and reduce the number of incorrect scans and errors due to incorrectly labelled stock.  I-Stocktake checks that scanned barcodes exist in your master stock list before adding them to the count.

Count Stock Exceptions

Product barcodes not scanning – no problem. I-stocktake allows you to record counts for items not included in your master product list as exceptions. Exceptions are added to your count for information, further identification and correction. Notes and pictures can be added to items counted as exceptions to improve identification.

Save Time Identifying Products

Save time identifying items where barcode labels are missing, incorrect or unreadable. The unique product look-up and search facilities available with I-stocktake provides on the spot information covering product names, descriptions departments, categories, suppliers and more.

Single Point Of Control

Create,progress and manage all of your inventory counts and stocktakes from anywhere over the internet. The I-stocktake management software suite allows you to log-in remotely and manage your work schedules across multiple sites and sub-locations using a single user friendly dashboard

Internet Issues - No Problem

Perform your inventory counts and stocktakes off-line. You only need internet connection to download product lists and upload batch counts. Data uploads and downloads can be carried out at any location with WI-FI internet connectivity. Simply focus on the count and not internet availability

Comprehensive Reporting

Our comprehensive suite of reports can  be configured by the user and cover all the essential requirements for audit and management purposes. These include stocktake quantity, cost and retail price differences reports and  full item count audit reports. Results can be created for printing , export , e-mail or PDF output.

Count Text Codes such as VIN's

Use the i-Stocktake built-in  Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capability to count vehicle identification numbers and other character string based stock identification labels such as serial numbers and asset tags. Add notes and pictures to the data captured

Generic and Cost Effective

An i-stocktake solution can be used as an enhancement to or as replacement for your existing stocktaking solution. Data for I-stocktake can be obtained via system integration of direct file transfer. I-stocktake provides a modern and efficient solution to compliment the capabilities of most inventory management systems