The stocktaking challenge for a busy and complex International Airport Shopping Store was to complete their stocktake in under a week, with no interruption to trade and to be installed, trained and supported remotely.  Remarkably, this was not just achieved, but surpassed, through the use of I-Stocktake, based in the UK, delivering and supporting the solution for The Ahlan Avenue Travel Retail Store, Riyadh; achieved in just 5 days

I-stocktake were approached at very short notice in early June 2018 by the Retail Inventory Manager responsible for the annual stocktake at the Ahlan Avenue Travel Retail Store. Stocktake software was required to work with barcode scanning devices purchased from a local supplier in Riyadh.

Following a short telephone consultation to understand the exact nature of the stocktaking requirement, a solution was quickly put together and approved for implementation by the client. This solution included the use of I-stocktake barcode scanning software, remote stocktake management software and remote technical support for the stocktake team in Riyadh.

The agreed i-stocktake solution was fully implemented and staff trained remotely from our London offices just 3 days after the initial enquiry. This included remotely installing i-Stocktake scanning software on rented Portable Data Capture (PDC) terminals sourced in Riyadh, setting up the remote stocktaking management software and uploading product/inventory records from the clients Inventory Management System.

The stock counting and management team in Riyadh needed the ability to scan, verify, analyse and update their Inventory Management System stock control records for over 50,000 items covering a range of product types including luggage, confectionary, cosmetics, perfumes, jewellery, watches and fashion clothing. The target was to complete the stocktake in under a week.

Careful planning was required to ensure all of the product areas were accurately counted and with NO interruption to trading hours. The unique data capture and stocktake management functions provided via the i-stocktake remote management portal allowed the client to complete the task efficiently using internal shop staff in just 5 days.

I-stocktake scanning software features such as batch scanning, scan code check, look-up and validation and the ability to capture product information, in cases where barcodes were missing or incorrect, contributed significantly towards a significant reduction in stock counting time. A major additional time saving benefit was that the client did not have to prepare the counting areas ready for the stocktake.  The stocktake management software took care of consolidating all of the scan results by product, area, location, department and so on.

I-Stocktakes stocktake management software was used by the team to quickly compare the stock results with the expected stock position reported in their Inventory Management System. Stocktake differences were quickly identified assessed and re-counts initiated where necessary using the remote management portal. Final stocktake count figures were then uploaded to the Inventory Management System as the new live stock position.

The stocktake at this very busy and complex Airport retail store using I-stocktake turned out to be a resounding success, proved to be very straight forward and the efficacy of the solution provided far exceeded expectations. The client is delighted with the outcome and with the significant benefits gained by using i-stocktake.

By choosing i-stocktake we have completed this stocktake in record time and achieved a target which at the outset appeared “impossible”

The support we received from the I-Stocktake team was exceptional and played a major part in completing this stocktake to plan. I-Stocktake have an experienced and knowledgeable team who fully understood our requirements and how to provide an optimum stocktaking solution. Their team were available for direct telephone support throughout the who project including out of hours and over the weekend.

I was very impressed by the speed the I-Stocktake team responded to my initial request for the supply of a stocktaking solution. I had been hunting around for months and had been disappointed by what other companies had to offer. I-Stocktake had exactly what I wanted “off the shelf” and were able to provide the software, training and support required in no time at all.

The i-stocktake software is simple to use, dramatically cuts down on the amount of stocktake preparation and counting time and the support service is very professional and customer focused. I am happy to recommend i-Stocktake as the stocktake solution for large, multi-department retail stores such Ahlan Avenue Travel Retail Store

Retail Inventory Manager – Ahlan Avenue Travel Retail Store King Khalad International Airport Riyadh”