Following successful pilot trials with a number of Linnworks Order Management System Users, i-Stocktake have formally released its integrated Linnworks Android stocktaking solution.

Using standard Linnworks API integration capabilities, advanced stocktake management and Android data capture capabilities are now available for Linnworks users.

Linnworks Android Stocktaking Solution i-Stocktake  Benefits:

  • Provides Real time inventory data feeds to and from the users Linnworks.
  • Enables live inventory counts, stocktakes and valuations.
  • Takes care of Inventory movements such as web sales and transfers during counts
  • Allows you to carry on trading and making sales while counting is in progress.
  • Faster, more accurate and more reliable stocktake results;
  • Use of Industry standard stocktaking procedures, methods and tools.
  • Improved barcode scanning accuracy and speed.
  • Can reduce stocktaking time and cost by 50% or more
  • Improved inventory management processes and control
  • More accurate stock records

Linnworks Android Stocktaking Solution Barcode Scanning Application:

I-stocktake Android Scanning Application


  • Suitable for use with any Android Barcode Scanning Device.
  • Batch Scanning
  • Product look-up and selection
  • Product scan validation against master product list
  • Scan line edit, notes and images
  • Identification of scan location and area such as BIN number location
  • Counts by Product sub sets such as departments, suppliers, categories and product ranges
  • Counts including serial numbers
  • Counts including items with multiple barcodes
  • Counts involving full or part units of measure


LInnworks Android Stocktaking Solutioni – Cloud Stocktake Management Software.

  • i-stocktake linnworks android barcode scanning application batch managementCreation, management and control of stocktake jobs, counts and tasks.
  • Advanced stocktake planning and scheduling system
  • Count batch visibility and management including start-end times, lines and barcodes counted, location of count, operator and scanning device ID
  • Stocktake count, valuation and differences analysis
  • Stocktake reports including full audit listings, differences report for quantities and values, stock adjustment report and more.




For further details of the i-Stocktake Linnworks Solution please call 01737 227 414 or e-mail us at

Customer Testimonial

Before we investigated a new way to stocktake, it had taken us 4 months to count the inventory in the warehouse. This was by no means perfect. Counting errors, no real reconciliations were carried out, due to the high turnover of stock.
After many apps and suggested software tests we found Istocktake online and decided to give them a call. I met with Roy and explained what I wanted. Within a few weeks I was able to test the beta model to see what I thought and see if there would be anything I would change. I have tested many apps/software in my 24 year career, some good, some bad. Istocktake was simple and designed for me and my team by someone who clearly listened to what my company needed. Test one involved around about 450 items, all identical boxes with miniscule differences in the ID or barcode. This would normally have taken us two days of counting and separating to get an accurate figure, which is likely to have changed due to sales. Istocktake allowed my stock controller to count all items and perform a full reconciliation and investigation within 40 mins. From then on we have been working closely with the Istocktake team to streamline the dashboard and make it as simple as possible to use. In turn Istocktake have also mentioned other areas that they feel they could improve within our warehouse and business.


Scott Noble

Supply Chain Manager

Pro Swimwear