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Our History

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About i-Stocktake

i-Stocktake is a part of the Inventas Group - servicing retail customers since 1998.

Inventas Ltd provides IT equipment and support to over 140 businesses throughout the UK and provides retail solutions and support for a variety of large and small retailers via it’s specialist retail systems development and support team.

From our earliest days of involvement with retail systems and their support needs it became evident that a different approach was needed to the traditional methods used for stocktaking and remote inventory data  processing. Many of our clients were experiencing problems with the reliability and accuracy of their stocktakes and inventory counts. Many hours were being lost with frequent visits to HQ , correcting errors with counts, reconciling differences, charging scanning devices and preparing stock for counting.

A new breed of mobile scanning devices were coming onto the market and there was  growing interest in cloud managed software solutions. These changes  provided the Inventas team with the opportunity to create a radical alternative solution to remote stocktaking. We set about developing a solution that was more affordable, reliable, accurate and less people intensive.

Our original stocktaking solution called I-Stock has been and is still in use with a number of retailers including Regatta, J&S accessories, PWP Sports Scotland, Snooty Frox and Scorpion Shoes. In 2016, Inventas embarked on the development of a new version of I-Stock called i-Stocktake. This new Android version of our stocktaking solution is now in service and attracting interest from a wide variety of retailers both large and small.

i-Stocktake incorporates all of the enhancements and features suggested by our clients and uses the latest and most advanced Android Mobile scanning technology.

I-stocktake  is now a product that is available for rent or purchase for stocktaking and other types of mobile data capture in most retail, wholesale, e-commerce or distribution environments.

Stock Inventory in Warehouse

i-Stocktake can be connected directly with your inventory management system data via API or bespoke integration to provide real time data capture and faster stock level update capability. i-Stocktake can also be used in stand alone mode and simply requires a list  of your inventory and stores for effective operation.

i-Stocktake as it is today, provides the means for any business large or small to carry out regular or partial stocktakes themselves.

i-Stocktake is not standing still, we have some exciting new developments on the way including, launching a range of Mobile Phone and Tablet applications that will provide the means for even the smallest retailers to carry out cost effective stocktakes for themselves.

Watch out for our Enterprise solution due for launch late  2019. With I-Stocktake enterprise you will be able to extend the use of your mobile stocktaking solution for transfers, deliveries,product look-ups , pricing and much more

With i-Stocktake you can be sure of a future proof, robust, accurate and cost effective stocktaking solution now and for many years to come.