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Stocktaking Software, Applications and Solutions

 Complete, Partial or Bespoke Stocktaking  Solutions 

Android Scanning Applications

A Feature Rich, Adaptable and Configurable Android Barcode Scanning Application.

Suitable for use with most Android Barcode Scanners and Hand Held Terminals,

Key features Include

  • Batch Scanning
  • Barcode Scan Verification
  • Product Look-Up and Search
  • Scan Line Edit and Notes
  • Item Exceptions Counting
  • Product Image Capture
  • Scan Quantity Adjustment 
  • Touch Keypad For manual Entries
  • Multiple Locations-Users-Tasks
  • Secure Scan Data Back-Up and Recall
  • Scans All industry standard barcode formats 
  • Scan GS1 standard and HIBC barcodes
  • Count in units or decimal quantities
  • Count by Unit of Measure – Boxes, Cartons etc
  • Muliple barcode recognition and scanning

Stocktake Management Applications

Cloud Stocktake Management Application Accessible Via Your Internet Web Browser

Connect remotely from your PC, MAC or Tablet


Key features Include

  • Create Stocktaks Tasks and Jobs
  • Create Full and Partial Stocktakes
  • Create Annual and Repeat Stocktakes 
  • Plan and Schedule Stocktakes
  • Monitor Stocktakes in progress
  • Review,edit and adjust Stocktake results
  • Allocate Users to Stocktakes
  • Assign Scanning Devices to Stocktakes
  • Connect  External Product Data Sources
  • Import Stocktake Inventory Lists
  • Generate standard Stocktake Reports
  • Create custom reports and data views
  • Manage  Stocktake Variances
  • Value Stocktake Results
  • Export Stocktake Results reports and Audit lists
  • Save, Archive and Recall Historic Stocktakes
  • Manage Stocktake exception scans

Stocktake Data Exchange Applications

Provide live product data for your stocktakes directly from your Inventory Management System using our standard data exchange application

Provide static data for your stocktakes using our generic product data import and mapping application

Connect your inventory managment system directly to our Android Scanning Application to provide stocktake product lists and receive stocktake results

Integrations are Currently Available for

  • Linnworks
  • Microsoft Dynamics RMS
  • Vend
  • Shopify
  • Amazon
  • Magneto