i-Stocktake Data Connect

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i-Stocktake Data & Connect

Connect With Your Live Product List Data

Verify and Correct Scanned Barcodes Using Your Live Product Master List
Significantly Improve Barcode Scanning Accuracy and Save Time

API and Bespoke Integrations

Integrate your stocktaking and barcode scanning requirements directly with your stock management system, accounting system, E-commerce Systems and more. Integrations using standard API connections or bespoke developments can be provided for most Inventory Management Systems. i-Stocktake work in partnership with Transallis Ltd to provide fast, efficient and robust integrations for our  i-Stocktake solutions.

Standard Data File Exchange

An alternative to integration is data file import/export which is achieved via the i-stocktake Standard Data File Exchange Interface. This provides the means for using i-Stocktake with any externally held inventory list large or small that can provided in Excel or CSV format. The universal interface provides an effective solution where the cost of integration is prohibitive, making i-Stocktake a practical and affordable stocktaking solution for everyone

Integration Features and Benefits

  • Direct connection to your Inventory Management Systems product lists and stock levels
  • Real-Time updates of product data used for barcode scanning validation, stock level variation and differences analysis.
  • Stock Adjustments following a stocktake can be directly applied to your Inventory Management System
  • Stock level update audit records written directly to your Inventory Management System
  • Web Service, API or Direct integrations

Standard Data File Exchange Features

  • Standard format CSV or Excel Spreadsheet inventory import
  • Standard format CSV or Excel Spreadsheet stocktake results export
  • E-mail, FTP, and other file transfer data transportation options
  • Data mapping wizard
  • Data verification and error checking
  • Import/Export audit trail and reporting