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i-Stocktake Remote Data Capture

i-Stocktake Mobile Data Capture Software is available for both Windows CE/Embedded and Android Mobile Computers. Our unique applications provide powerful, innovative and easy to use features that deliver fast, accurate and reliable barcode scanning and data capture capabilities.


The i-Stocktake mobile device scanning application provides fast, accurate and reliable scanning capabilities for all industry standard barcode formats. Stock count results can be uploaded to the i-Stocktake Manager cloud application using the  WiFi, Mobile or direct network cable connection capabilities available with the scanning device.

Industry Standard

Our i-Stocktake Mobile Data Capture solution has been developed and proven to work with industry standard Handheld Terminals (HHTs), Mobile Computers and Personal Data Assistants(PDAs’) operating on the latest mobile operating systems. The  i-Stocktake Android version is now available for use with Smartphones, Tablets and a full range of Mobile Computers.

Key features of I-Stocktake Mobile Data Capture and Scanning Application

  • Set and update scanning location data
  • Configure and customize your scanned data output formats
  • Update the scanning device software remotely
  • Set and update data upload and download connection properties
  • Create and edit inventory count batches
  • Upload scanned data batches in part or full
  • Notification of Scanned batches awaiting upload
  • Backup, restore and resend scanned batches
  • Remote software licence control and renewal
  • Monitor status of data uploads and downloads
  • Confirmation of Batch Data Uploads
  • Configure Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Remote support
  • Fast, reliable barcode scanning
  • Inventory Count and other Data Collection Modes
  • Covers all industry standard barcode formats
  • Pop-Up key pad data entry
  • Barcode scanning within unique batches
  • Edit inventory count details by batch and line
  • Full product detail view of inventory scans and counts
  • Count inventory items by name, description, and SKUs.
  • Product search and selection using fast look-up
  • Barcode quantity count monitor
  • Last item scanned indicator
  • Save, commit or delete scan batch
  • Enter batch scan location, zone or area
  • Connect to any Suitable Internal or External Wi-Fi Connection
  • 3 and 4G Mobile network connectivity
  • Fixed network cable connection via docking station
  • Bluetooth pairing to local PC or laptop
  • Internet Browser connectivity
  • Receive and send Text and e-mail Messages
  • Schedule and manege tasks
  • Note Pad and Window Mobile Office Suite
  • Contact management
  • Calendar and Calculator