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Software and User Support

Here at i-Stocktake our expert and experienced team are dedicated to delivering support to an exceptional standard. Your success is our success and we have a flexible range of support products and services tailored to match your specific operational needs.


Fill in the contact form to the right to report a problem, ask for technical advice/assistance or to arrange a call back from one of our support team. We will log your support request and respond within 24 hour hours with a reply and a tracking code for you to progress your enquiry.

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Telephone support with remote access directly to your scanning devices over the internet is available as an optional service. Standard support is provided by e-mail only.

We offer various levels of telephone support cover to meet specific operational needs such as out of hours support, weekend support and the response time you require. For details and prices for our standard, premium and platinum support packages please make an enquiry.

Monday – Friday: 9.30am – 5.30pm. Standard Hours of Business.
Saturday – Sunday: E-mail support only

Telephone support requests are logged and scheduled for a response within 1 hour. Calls received after 4pm are scheduled for action the following day.


Our experienced, dedicated and enthusiastic development team are continually developing new and enhanced features for i-Stocktake. If you have a bespoke stocktaking requirement or would like us to consider a new feature then please submit an enquiry for our development team to consider.

Bespoke stocktaking requirements are considered on a project by project basis and will be progressed in line with standard project management principles to ensure a high quality solution that fits your exact needs, budget and timescales.

We value feedback from our customers about enhancements and improvements and these are taken into account in defining our forward development plans.


Choose from a selection of hardware support options to extend your Hand Held Terminal support cover for up to 5 years.


    All Hand Held Terminals provided as part of an i-Stocktake solution are covered by a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. In the event of a problem or failure the the manufacturer is responsible for replacement or repair. Warranty claims are submitted by the customer and turn-round time is typically 5 business days.


    All of the i-Stocktake HHT suppliers provide extended warranty and support packages which you can purchase as part of your i-Stocktake solution. Extension options include 3 and 5 year wear and tear or comprehensive cover with various turn-round times .

    For further details please contact our sales team on 01737 227 414 or email


Here at i-Stocktake we offer a range of professional services and training packages to help you make the most of your i-Stocktake purchase or rental package. With many years of working with retailers under our belts our team can help you plan, implement and manage your stocktakes in the most effective way.

On-Line & On-Site Training

On-Line Training:
On-line training is delivered by one of our stocktaking experts and can be purchased in 1 hourly sessions from a range of modules. On-line training is ideally suited for one to one training and allows you to learn and become experts yourself at a pace that suits your learning needs.

On-Site Training:
On-site training delivered by one of our expert retail consultants is available for customers wishing to train groups of individuals. An on-site training session will cover all aspects of using i-Stocktake hardware, software, and stocktaking procedure. On-site training is most suited for groups of between 6-8 people.


Hand Held Terminals purchased or rented with your i-Stocktake solution are pre-configured and tested at our workshops prior to shipment. Our strict quality control procedures ensure that your chosen HHT arrives on-site ready and configured for immediate use. If you are using your own HHT devices, we will set-up, configure and prove our i-Stocktake software on one of your devices. Self set-up and configuration procedures are provided following this proving process.

Assisted and managed stocktakes

With an assisted stocktake service we will provide you with an expert on-site for the duration of the stocktake to help, manage and oversee proceedings and train your staff. In addition, with an assisted stocktake service the use of all necessary scanning hardware and software is provided.

Project Management

For larger implementations of i-Stocktake we offer a professional project manage service to assist you with specifying your requirements, implementing all aspects of your solution, and training your staff.


Licencing / Pricing / Payments / Renewals / Cancellations

  • What does an i-Stocktake Android Barcode Scanning Application Software License Cover

    Your licence includes unlimited use of the software and it’s stocktake scanning and data capture features at any of your locations. A separate license is required for each device and is not transferable.  

  • How does the Android barcode scanning software application license work

    Licences are issued for each Android Scanning Device applicationy. The license is unique and tied into an encrypted code that is embedded on the device. You must have at least one  active scanning device licence to be able to use the i-Stocktake  Management and reporting software.Devices are initially licensed when shipped to the customer. You will need to contact sales to renew your licence when it expires

  • How long is the i-Stocktake licence period?

    Our barcode scanning software application  licence is available on a monthly or annual subscription basis paid by direct debit. For further detail contact sales on 01737 227 414 or e-mail us at

  • How will I know when my licence is going to expire?

    The Android barcode scanning application will notify you at start -up about how long you have left before your licence expires. 

  • How do I pay for my i-Stocktake Licence?

    Payments are taken via direct debit on a monthly or annual basis.

  • How can I cancel my i-Stocktake Licence?

    Your i-Stocktake licence will remain active for the  licence period after which it will become inactive. If you are paying by direct debit your licence will become inactive if your scheduled payment is not paid.

  • How will I know if my i-Stocktake licence has expired?

    If your licence has expired you will no longer be able to use the barcode scanning software application on the Mobile Device in question. A message will appear on your scanning device 30 days in advance of the expiry date to alert you that you need to renew your license

  • If my i-Stocktake licence has expired how can I reactivate it?

    You will need to contact the i-Stocktake sales team, pay your licence renewal fee and you will be sent a new licence key which you will need to enter into the licensing part of the scanning application software

  • Can I use an i-Stocktake licence on more than one Scanning device?

    No, your i-Stocktake Licence is tied to a specific scanning device.

  • Can I transfer an i-Stocktake licence from one scanning device to another?

    Yes, you can transfer an i-Stocktake licence from one device to another. To do this you will need to raise a support ticket with our help desk. The support team will deactivate the active licence on the existing device and register the licence on the alternative device. Contact for further details.

  • Can I still use the i-Stocktake manager software if I have no active i-Stocktake licences?

    You will be able to use the i-Stocktake Management and reporting software at any time if you have purchased it outright and your cloud hosting service costs are paid up to date or if you are on an active pay monthly contract for it’s use. 

  • How can I reactivate an expired i-Stocktake licence?

    Contact the i-Stocktake sales team and arrange to make payment for the renewal. You will be issued then with a new licence key to apply on the scanning device. Your renewed licence with commence on the date that the full renewal payment has been made and be active for 12 months thereafter. For further detail contact sales on 01737 227 414 or e-mail us at

  • Can I use an i-Stocktake licence on scanning devices that have not been supplied as part of an i-Stocktake solution?

    Yes, the Android barcode scanning software application can be used on most compatible Android devices and smartphones. Contact our technical team will need to test and prove that the software operates correctly and reliably on the scanning device you wish to use. 

  • How does the i-Stocktake licensing work if I rent an i-Stocktake solution?

    The use of appropriate i-Stocktake software is included in the rental fee. Your I-stocktake licences will be active during the period of rental after which time they will expire. 

  • Does an i-Stocktake licence include technical support cover?

    An i-Stocktake licence provides you with e-mail technical support as standard. You may enhance your support cover to include telephone help desk and development support. Please contact our sales team at for further details about support options.

  • Does an i-Stocktake licence include software upgrades?

    Yes, the i-Stocktake licence fee includes upgrades to cover enhancements, improvements and bug fixes to all elements of the software.

Reporting and tracking software problems

  • How do I report an i-Stocktake software problem?

    If you are covered by standard e-mail support, please log into your customer account portal and raise a support request ticket via e-mail. Our support team will respond to your e-mail within 24 hours.

    If you have telephone help desk level support, call our support line on 01737 227 414 which is manned Mondays-Fridays between 9.30am and 5.30pm. Your support request will be logged and you will be given a support reference number. Your support call will be progressed through our call tracking system to completion. To report a problem out of hours or at weekend, please send an e-mail to outlining the nature of your support request. Our telephone support team will call you the next working day to progress your request.

  • I am unhappy with the level of support I am receiving. How do I raise a complaint or escalate my support issue?

    Call the support desk on 01737 227 414 and ask to speak to the support manager who will investigate and resolve your complaint for you. Remember to back-up your complaint by sending an e-mail to for the attention of the support manager describing in detail the nature of your complaint.

  • I would like to request some enhancements to my i-Stocktake software. How do I go about this?

    We have an ongoing software development program to enhance and improve the capabilities of i-Stocktake for all of our customers. We welcome any suggestion about enhancements or new features you may have. Please e-mail us at with you request in the first instance. We will then advise you if your suggestion has been accepted and when it will be scheduled for release. If you have a bespoke requirement this will be considered for development subject to agreeing a specification and price for the work.

  • I have an emergency support requirement. How can I raise the priority level of my support ticket?

    Call the telephone help desk support number on 01737 227 414 and ask for your problem to be set at priority 1 level. Our team will check your support status first and if you are covered for telephone support, every effort will be made to escalate your support request as an emergency. If you only have e-mail level support, you may still call the telephone help desk and ask for your request to be given higher priority but this will incur a standard emergency call status fee.

  • How can I track and monitor progress on my support request?

    You can call the telephone support help desk and ask for an update. You will need to have your support ticket number at hand for reference.

    You may also send us an e-mail at ask request a progress update. Please remember to quote your support ticket reference.

  • How can I upgrade the level of support I am receiving?

    The standard support service is via e-mail. You may upgrade this to a telephone support desk and or development support level service. Please call our sales team on 01737 227 414 for details of our support packages and prices.

  • I need to train new staff or arrange refresher training for existing staff. What options do I have?

    You may purchase on-line one-one training sessions for the individual concerned. On-line training sessions are 1 hour in duration, delivered by one of our support team and require pre-booking. Please contact our sales team on 01737 227 414 for more details and prices.

Scanning Device Hardware Warranty / Repair / Reporting

  • My scanning device has failed or does not work correctly. How can I get this resolved?

    If you purchased your scanning device from i-stocktake, in the first instance, find the warranty documents that were supplied when you bought the device. If you have purchased an extended warranty, please locate these also. Check to see if your device is still in warranty and what the terms of warranty are.

    If your device is still covered under warranty, you will need to arrange to send the device back to the manufacturer for replacement or repair. Details of where to send the device and returns forms are normally supplied with the device. Please call the i-Stocktake help desk on 01737 227 414 if you need assistance or advice with this.

  • I have received my Device back from repair. How do I get my i-Stocktake software re-installed?

    Please call the i-Stocktake telephone support help desk on 01737 227 414 and raise a support ticket to have your software re-installed. This service is covered under your standard i-Stocktake license and applies to customers on all levels of support including e-mail only.

  • I am not happy with the scanning device warranty service. I want to make a complaint?

    Please e-mail outlining the nature of your complaint and any background you may have on your warranty claim to date. Our support manager will follow up the complaint on your behalf to assist with an acceptable resolution.

Questions About Rentals

  • I am considering renting the i-Stocktake solution. How much advance notice do you require?

    It is advisable to book your rental at least 4-6 weeks in advance of your planned stocktake to ensure we can schedule in your requirement.We can accommodate a limited number of short-notice stock take rental requirements but it is best to book well in advance

  • What happens if the scanning equipment fails during the rental period?

    Please call the rentals support desk on 01737 227 414 and report the problem. Arrangements will be made to send you an urgent replacement and pick up the failed item.

  • What happens if a scanning device gets lost, misplaced or broken during my rental period?

    Please call the rentals support desk on 01737 227 414 and report your problem.

    You will be charged the  full value of your scanning device (at current list price) if your device is lost or damaged beyond repair while in your possession.

  • When does my rental period commence?

    Your rental period starts on the day that you sign to confirm the delivery with the courier service.

  • When does my rental period end?

    The rental period ends and your rental licence will expire at mid night on that last day of your rental period.

  • Can I extend the rental period while it rental is in progress?

    Yes, you may extend your rental period at any time but you must request a rental period extension at least 24 hours in advance of the existing rental period expiry date. Each additional rental day will be charged at the daily rate current at the time. Please call the rental support team on 01737 227 414 or e-mail  to notify us that you wish to arrange an extension.

  • What is the minimum rental period?

    Our minimum rental period is for 7 days.

  • What is the maximum rental period?

    Our maximum rental period is 30 days.

  • Is there a limit on the number of scanning devices I can rent?

    No, subject to availability we do not set a limit. If you require a large number of scanning devices for a stocktake, it is advisable that you book your rental well in advance of the stocktake.

  • Can I use my own scanning devices and rent the i-Stocktake software for my stocktake?

    Yes, subject to your Mobile Scanning Devices meeting the minimum specifications required to run our Mobile Device barcode scanning software application.

Android Barcode Scanning Application Questions

  • Internet Connection Not Available - Can I still Use The Scanning Application

    You only need internet connection when a) you need to download your product lists and stocktake tasks and b) when you need to upload your barcode scan batches. You can use any location where there is a WI-FI connection available to do this. Scanning can be performed while off-line.

  • Can I use The Android Barcode Scanning Application on My Smartphone

    Yes, you can use the Android Scanning Application with Android Tablets, Smart Phones , Mobile Computers and other suitable Android devices. With devices such as smartphones that do not have a built-in scanner , you will only be able to capture barcodes using the camera. This is slow compared to using a device with a built in scanner and is only a suitable solution where the number of items to be counted is low. You can improve the barcode capture capabilities of your Smartphone by using a Bluetooth Scanner such as the EYOYO. The EYOYO is available for purchase on Amazon and has good reviews.

  • Can I use The Android Barcode Scanning Application At Multiple Locations

    Yes, the scanning application is enabled for multi-location use as part of the standard licence. Within the application is a location selector which you use to pin the inventory count  to the location you are at.

  • What Log-in Security Does the Barcode Scanning Application Have

    You can set your scanning application to force user log-in by entering a unique pin number. Stocktake jobs can be allocated centrally to named individuals in the stocktake manager software and their pin must be entered before they can commence counting. You can override user log-in locally and enable your scanner to be operated by any user.User access options can be set in the scanning application via the settings menu

  • Can I Scan Barcodes That are Not In My Product List

    Yes, in the scanning application settings you can choose to  ACCEPT- REJECT- NOTIFY any barcode that is not in your product list. Scans of this nature are treated as exceptions or “out of scope” and are available for analysis in the scan data uploaded to the stocktake manager software.

  • Can the Scanning Application Alert Me I Scan Something In Error

    Yes, in the applications settings menu you can set audible alerts on or off for normal scans, out of scope scans and exceptions scans. If you cannot hear the audible alerts during scanning after setting then to ON then check the volume control set on the scanning device itself.

  • Can I Record Expiry Dates For Scanned Items

    You can enter expiry dates in the scanning form at the line entry level. To do this you must first set “ENABLE EXPIRY DATE” to ON in the application settings. Expiry dates entered will be captured and are visible in the stocktake manager process and batch views on-line

  • How Do I Capture Bin Numbers While Scanning

    There are a number of ways to record BIN numbers during your scanning.

    You can set-up stocktake counts for individual or groups of BIN numbers in the stocktake manager software. The system will then automatically know what BIN numbers you are scanning at.

    You can enter a BIN location or a list BIN locations in the batch form under “CAPTION”. This will then show up in the batch count records .

    You can enable the “CAPTURE BIN NUMBERS” option in the application settings. This allows you to enter the BIN location for each individual line item scanned.

  • I Count My Products In Multiple Quantities - Can I Force Quantity Entry

    In the application settings menu set the “AUTO PROMPT FOR QTY” option to on. You will then be forced to enter a quantity value each time you scan.

  • Can I Edit Details of the Items Scanned

    You can edit the scan line details by accessing the ITEMS option from the scan form window. Here you can edit the scanned quantity, delete the line entry or add a note. You can edit scan line entries within a batch while it is still active.

  • Does the Scanning Application Store My Stocktake Batches

    The scanning application is set by default to save all scan batches for a period of 30 days after which they are deleted. You can clear saved (archived ) from the main application menu. You can also restore archived scan batches if you need to resend them  for any reason

Stocktake Manager Software Questions

  • What Internet Browsers are Compatible with Stocktake Manager Software

    I-stocktake manager software can be accessed on-line with most commonly used browsers. For best performance we recommend that you use Google Chrome

  • Can I use My Smartphone to Access Stocktake Manager

    Stocktake Manager Software is not generally suitable for use with a Smartphone. Some aspects of the software suite such as the stocktake jobs list, scheduler and simplified stock count reports provide useful management functions accessible with your smartphone.

  • Can I Create Partial Stocktakes

    Stocktake Manager Software allows you to create full or partial stocktakes using the Job Creation filter available in the Create New Stocktake Wizard. The degree to which you can create partial counts is determined by the data variables you have in your product file. Such variables may include Branch (store), Department, Category, Name , Description, Supplier and so on.

  • Can I Schedule Stocktakes

    Stocktake Manager Software allows you to schedule your jobs and create a stocktake planner. You can also set jobs to repeat at weekly, monthly, 6 monthly and date based periods.

  • Are the Results of My Batch Counts Consolidated

    Stocktake Manager consolidates the counts across all batches in the “process view” to provide an item by item total for each line item counted. You can also view the line entry details in each batch count.

  • Can I edit the scanned quantities in Stocktake Manager

    Yes, in the Process view you can edit the count for each line item at the stocktake batch level

  • Can I edit the scanned quantities in Stocktake Manager

    Yes, in the Process view you can edit the count for each line item at the stocktake batch level

  • Can I update My product List After it has been Imported

    You can add new items and change details of exiting items simply by uploading an updated version of your product data import file. To do this you must ensure that the layout and format of you update date file matches that of the data file you uploaded initially.

    New products are not added to exiting stocktake jobs that are in progress (the count has started) but are available and can be included in new stocktake jobs.

    A product list update will update variable field values in stocktake jobs that have not been started

  • Can I Track My ``In Stock`` Position While Counting

    Stocktake counts are compared to the start in-stock position to calculate differences in quantity, cost and price. In addition, if you update your stocktake manager product file you can compare your count against the current (called live) stock position. This allows you to adjust your stock count for any movements that have taken place during the stocktake.

  • What Reporting Options Does Stocktake Manager Provide

    All the stocktake data views in i-stocktake management software can be configures to create a list of reports specific to individual stocktake needs. The saved view can be exported to excel, printed , e-mailed or saved as PDFs. Stocktake difference , full count audit , batch lists, job lists , cost valuations can all be created as standard or custom reports depending on the level of detail you need.