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Stocktaking Solutions

Streamline Your Stock Counting Operations.


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A Generic Stocktaking Solution

An i-Stocktake Solution can be used with any Retail Management System , E-commerce Platform, ERP solution or Accounting Package. Our Cloud based Stocktake Management Software is easy to use , provides powerful data analysis and reporting capabilities and can be accessed on-line from any location. Our Android Barcode Scanning and Data Capture Application provides fast, accurate and reliable inventory counts in record time.

Streamline Inventory Management  Processes

Manage, monitor and control stocktakes,inventory valuations and other transactional data captured with your mobile scanning devices using i-stocktake cloud manager software and reporting.
Download stock valuation, audit and differences reports for your accounts records and other purposes. Manage your stocktaking and inventory data capture teams and tasks in real-time from anywhere.

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What Our Customers Say


Jamal, Managing Director

Adoption of i-Stocktake at Top Brand Shoes has delivered the stock control accuracy improvements we required and enabled us to streamline our Linnworks based multi-channel inventory management business processes. Top Brand Shoes are happy to recommend i-Stocktake as an effective, future proof and reliable way to improve stock control for on-line and multi-channel retail businesses. i-Stocktake enabled us to save time and deliver better service to our customers.


Chris Bulmer, Group IT Director

Regatta have been using i-Stocktake since 2012 for stocktaking at over 178 UK concessions. i-Stocktake has increased the productivity of the stocktaking team. We experience less counting anomalies and the results are a lot more accurate than our previous solution. Stocktake data can be sent to head office quicker and easier, giving us a faster turnaround time when processing stocktake results. Regatta is happy to recommend i-Stocktake.


Sean Jones, J&S Accessories

i-Stocktake has helped us to dramatically improve stock management and maintain accurate stock levels across our 38 locations. We are now able to carry out regular and annual stocktakes much faster, more accurately and deal with discrepancies much more effectively. Stocktake time has been cut by over 70%. Overall, we are very pleased with the spectacular improvements we have made with i-Stocktake and would highly recommend it.

Ralph & Russo London Fashion Boutiques

Operations Manager Ralph & Russo London

Using the i-Stocktake services has been great. From the moment I was referred to call the company with my very specific requirements for our company stocktake, I felt at ease immediately knowing I was speaking to the right people. I-Stocktake is very versatile and user friendly. The unique benefit which puts i-stocktake ahead of other competitors I found to be their willingness to assist with the complete process even out of working hours. Their easy to use online system helped us achieve 100% positive feedback from auditors

Ahlan Avenue Travel Store Riyadh Airport

Inventory Manager Ahlan Avenue Travel Store 

The stocktaking challenge for our busy and complex International Airport Shopping Store was to complete the stocktake in under a week, with no interruption to trade. using I-stocktake we managed to complete our stocktake in record time and achieved a target that at the outset appeared “impossible” The i-stocktake software  was easy to use and we were able to significantly reduce  preparation and counting time. I am happy to recommend i-Stocktake as the stocktake solution for large, multi-department retail stores.

Pro Swimwear

Scott Noble  Pro Swimwear

Before we investigated a new way to stocktake, it had taken us 4 months to count the inventory in the warehouse.
After many apps and suggested software tests we found Istocktake online and decided to give them a call. I have tested many apps/software in my 24 year career, some good, some bad. Istocktake was simple and designed for me and my team by someone who clearly listened to what my company needed. We are seeing significant time savings and process improvements as a result of adopting i-Stocktake and are happy to recommend them for large web based operations such as ours